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ROI in Influencer Marketing: What You Need to Know

In the past few years, influencer marketing has transformed traditional marketing in the Middle East and become one of the ideal ways to establish an online brand. Did you know that the level of influencer marketing ROI is nearly unsurpassed?

Egyptian marketers actually get $6.50 for every dollar spent working with an influencer. In content marketing, influencers provide a commendable seal of approval. This article digs deeper into why influencer marketing ROI revolutionizes advertising, as everyone knows it.

1. Influencers add star power to your overall brand

Thanks to micro-influencers and influencer marketing, getting your brand to boom through online advertising has never been simpler. In the future, establishing relationships with social media influencers in your niche will be crucial to maximizing your brand reach.

2. Influencer marketing is cost-effective

You see, you don’t need to shell out hundreds or thousands for media firms and exorbitant advertising costs. The only thing you need to do is to work with influencers or those with a massive following. In short, you are cutting your expenses without compromising any reach.

Running a search on Instagram or Facebook is all it takes to begin sourcing your next business partner.

3. Influencer marketing ROI: viral and snowball effect

Generally, influencer marketing provides a higher return on investment. Nonetheless, if your products go viral, the potential for returns is extremely massive. Partnering with a few micro-influencers will grant you access to thousands of loyal followers. That suggests that influencers you collaborate with can share your content with their audience.

The more your influencer’s audience shares and likes your content, the more people will see it. Also, you can have a snowball effect of shares that makes your products go viral, especially if you play your cards right.

The most exciting part here is all prospects have to do to click share, and your goods will be passed on to their followers. How awesome is that?

4. Influencer marketing establishes brand reach

Influencer marketing is considered the most direct way to reach thousands of online audiences in Middle East and create your brand. Thirty percent of consumers tend to purchase a product suggested by a non-celebrity blogger. What’s more, influencers have the approval of countless social media followers and are social-proofed.

Online users see the influencer’s post and post it with other online users. The more users who share your product, the more credibility your brand can achieve. Thus, partnering with a famous influencer puts your business as a leader and trendsetter in your niche.

5. Influencer marketing knocks out adblockers

Forty-one percent of millennials are using adblockers to cut popup ads and banners. Users are opting out of cold marketing content, killing many campaigns’ ROI potential.

Meanwhile, influencer marketing does not fall victim to that concern. An ad blocker cannot remove a social media post. Thus, as your ad reaches more people and you don’t have the trouble of escaping an adblocker, you are making marketing content that people want to see.

Keep in mind that people always like quality content, and they wish for brands advertised by icons they know. We are now in an era where content is king. Today, collaborating with a dependable and trusted influencer in the Middle East offers your brand new opportunities.

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