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Here’s How Businesses and Marketing Companies Can Benefit from Influencer Marketing

TikTokers, Instagrammers, YouTubers—what do they have all in common? They are what we refer to as social media influencers.

A decade ago, influencer marketing was limited to celebrities and a handful of established bloggers. Nonetheless, these influencers have saturated the market with the internet on the rise.

Whatever company or business you may have, you may find someone influential in the market to advertise your goods or service. For that reason, most companies are using such leading niche content creators to boost brand awareness, improve traffic, and drive their brand’s message to their target audience.

Introducing Influencer Marketing

Influencing marketing is a form of social media marketing. Businesses utilize this strategy to market their goods or services by collaborating with famous social media bloggers or users.

Influencers normally have a massive, engaged audience that brands and businesses can tap into to establish credibility and drive sales.

The Growth of Brand Influencer Partnerships

Did you know that nearly eighty-two percent of people follow the recommendations from micro-influencers? Influencers and brands are now developing long-term relationships.

Long-term relationships aren’t just more appealing to influencers, but they offer a much better ROI. It should be no surprise that the influencer marketing industry is anticipated to increase from over $13 billion to at least $15 billion this 2022.

As paid ad costs continue to grow on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, businesses should find a way to survive. That’s where influencer marketing enters.

Why Brands Depend on Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing continues to be a viable solution for business owners and marketing managers who are eager to think outside the box on developing trust with their audience.

Here are a few reasons brands are counting on influencer marketing:

· Influencers are socialEverybody uses social media these days, even your grandparents. Forty-five percent of seniors aged 65 and above have smartphones.

· Influencers impact your SEO – Having an influencer helps you grow your social media following and enhances your SEO.

· Influencers have real power – About fifty-five percent of consumers read about four reviews before buying a product. Eighty-four percent of them have made a purchase based on an influencer’s recommendation. It is difficult to overlook the power of those unofficial brand ambassadors.

Captivating Influencer Marketing Case Studies

Mercedez Benz collaborated with a Dog

The car company skipped Instagram and partnered with a YouTube canine celebrity, Loki. Together with his owner, Loki begins an adventure in Colorado. Thanks to the 360-degree immersive format, viewers feel like they’re part of the entire experience.

Hugo Boss with #SuitChallenge

Popular brand Hugo Boss made huge waves when it launched a challenge around its Boss perfume that featured Marvel actor Chris Hemsworth. Chris plunged into the waves on a surfboard while wearing a smart black suit.

The brand passed the challenge to all men with a desire to do great things in style. Later on, the commercial started a #SuitChallenge movement that led to hundreds of resource images and trends on Instagram.

Final Thoughts

As you can tell, influencer marketing returns more than it costs you, as long you can see its huge potential and partner with the right influencers in an efficient digital marketing campaign.

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